We provide BPO and HRO services in the form of call-centre for both domestic and overseas hotel and air-ticket reservation service with more than 10,000 employees. There are over 141 million business consultation and phone calls per year for our various business.


    Provide business outsourcing services for Nuoxin Innovation Alliance. The project adopts online medical information transmission method to transmit department and hospital information in an all-round way, and help pharmaceutical enterprises to achieve high-speed coverage.Providing end-to-end solutions from standard products, professional medical teams, and successful customer services is an important customer case for our company to quickly adapt to personnel business transformation and successfully complete customer needs during the global pandemic.


   Dada Group is a leading local instant retail and distribution platform in China, with two core businesses: Dada Express and JD Home. Chenhui Group provides after-sales business outsourcing service for JD Home. This project is mainly responsible for dealing with the after-sales problems of JD Home customers, so as to solve users' difficulties and satisfy users as much as possible, and provide professional consulting services for customers.


   We have cooperation with Heilongjiang government for 12345 government service hotline. The 12345 hotline is in accordance with the principle of "should be combined, should be connected", Chenhui group integrate local departments at all levels set up for the public business query, consultation, complaints, help, public service, advice, poll emergency government hotline, provide 7*24 hours uninterrupted service.

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